Ghana Flag

Flag Route Map - Ghana


Our Ghana flag has arrived with our Regional Development Executive, John and has been signed by customers Bomarts Farms Ltd, Adonten Cooperative, Ahafo Ano South Citrus Growers, Assin Citrus Growers, TradeAid, Association Ton and UPPFL. John took the flag to the Producer Committee in Cote d'Ivoire where it was signed by customers Cabf, Coabia, Coopakp, Ecab, Ecookim, Kavokiva and Necaayo. 

Where next

The Ghana Costa Rica flag is now back in the Shared Interest Newcastle office, full of fantastic messages of support. All five flags will be brought together for our 25 year anniversary AGM in March this year.The Ghana flag is now on it's way back to the Shared Interest Newcastle office. The flags will be joined together for our AGM in March. 

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Interact with the flags

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