Our Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change (ToC) process has helped us evaluate our impact more effectively. The diagram shows how this works. We use this model to inform our monitoring and evaluation framework.

What assumptions have we made?

We felt that it was very important to have a simple, clear and concise ToC.  Behind which we have made a number of assumptions on the comprehensive systems and procedures that form the foundations of our organisation.

  • Skilled staff and volunteers – Staff and volunteers have the skills, capacity and resources to effectively carry out their role and the activities of the organisation
  • Internal systems and processes – We have robust and fair systems to monitor and manage, treasury, risk, portfolio, environmental impact, legal compliance and people.
  • Good governance – We have and adhere to good practice, regulations, policies and procedures in order to operate effectively and transparently.
  • Fair trade movement continues to grow and develop.

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