UK Flag

Flag Route Map - UK

Green - Visited
Red - Planned visit


The UK flag started it's journey in Glasgow and is currently travelling around Scotland before returning to England.

The flag was signed by members at our latest Members Event in Glasgow on May 9. Read more about the event here.

Since then the flag has been signed by members in Scotland, the Scottish Fairtrade Forum Board and One World Shop. During July the UK flag arrived back in the Shared Interest office where it was signed by staff, visitors and partners including Newcastle and Sunderland Fairtrade Partnerships. During this time the flag was also signed by Gabriel from Craft Aid Mauritius who visited our Newcastle office. 

The flag was then signed by Ealing Fairtrade before travelling back to Newcastle to be signed by our Board members on Aug 7. Our Ambassadors and other supporters signed the flag at our Ambassador event in Leeds, after this event the flag was taken by Ambassador Bill Hutchngs to be signed by members in Bolton. 

Where next

The flag is now back in the Newcastle office ready to be jojned together with the other flags.

Interact with the flags

See photos of our flags being signed in our image library or follow the journey of the flags on Facebook and Twitter.