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PA Signing Flag

Our UK flag began its journey at our member event in Glasgow on May 9. Here is Managing Director, Patricia Alexander penning the first message on the flag at the event.

One World Shop - Edinburgh

One World Shop Business Manager Rachel Farey and Shop Manager & Buyer Sue Muir ready to sign our UK flag.

Kate Signing Flag3

Shared Interest Chair, Kate Priestly signing the flag at our Newcastle office.

Kenya Flag - Ten Senses

Ten Senses Africa (TSA) purchase, process and export Fairtrade and conventional macadamia nut kernels to North American and European markets. Ten Senses became a customer of Shared Interest in 2010. Here they are signing our Kenya flag. 


Ten Senses with our Kenya flag.

Martin Dartey Signing The SI Flag

Martin Dartey, Managing Director of Monda African Arts signing our Kenya flag. Monda is an eco-friendly company; they recycle, re-use and re-design glass for beadwork. They have been a Shared Interest customer since 2009.

Martin And His 3 Employees Holding The SI Flag

Monda African Arts employees with our Kenya flag.

Saposoa Signing Flag 1

Coopalgsa is a first-level cooperative of cocoa producers from Saposoa district, San Martin region, Northern Jungle of Peru and a relatively new customer of Shared Interest. Here they are signing our Peru flag.

Tocache Signing Flag 1

Tocache is a first-level cooperative of cocoa producers from North Peru. Here they are signing our Peru flag.

Adonten Cooperative2

Adonten Cooperative are pineapple growers based in Ghana. Here they are signing our Ghana flag.

Bomarts Farms Ltd

Bomarts Farms Ltd was established in 1985 and later became incorporated in 2001 to produce and sell fresh pineapples and mangoes to the local and international markets. Here they are signing our Ghana flag.

Coocafe -Flag -2 (2)

COOCAFE are coffee producers located in Santo Domingo, Heredia, Costa Rica. Coocafe represents 3,500 farmers, including 256 women, and indirectly benefits 15,000 people. Here they are signing our Costa Rica flag.

Coocafe -Flag -7 (2)

Here are COOCAFE with Regional Representative Marco holding our Costa Rica flag. 

Flag In Office _July

UK Flag _July

Two months on from when the UK flag started it's journey, it is filling up quickly with some great messages of support. 

Flag In Office 1_July

Messages of support from Scotland on our UK flag. 

Signatures 10_July 14

Signatures on our UK flag from our multilingual staff.

Signatures 1_July 14

More messages of support on our UK flag.

Gabriel , Craftaid Mauritius (8)

Gabriel of customer Craft Aid Mauritius signing our UK flag on his visit to Newcastle this July. Read more about Craft Aid Mauritius here

Flag Signing _SOL2

Sunderland Fairtrade schools signing our flag at an event at the Stadium of Light.

Flag Signing _SOL

Vice Chair Martin Kyndt signing the UK flag at the Board meeting on Aug 7.

Martin Kyndt3

Board member Pauline Cameron signing our UK flag in our Newcastle office.

Pauline Cameron1

Keith Sadler signing our UK flag at a recent Board meeting.

Keith Sadler2

Board member David Bowman signing our UK flag in Newcastle. Read more about our Board members here.

David Bowman1

Ahafo Anon South Citrus Growers are citrus fruit growers based in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Here they are signing our Ghana flag.


Citrus fruit farmers Assin Citrus Growers signing our Ghana flag.


Mark from Fairtrade Yorkshire signing our flag at our Ambassador event in Leeds.


Some of our Ambassadors signing our flag at an Ambassador event in Leeds. Read more about our Ambassadors here






Producer Committee for South America have been signing our Peru flag.

SAm Prod Com 2014

Trinity Jewellery Crafts are a small jewellery making business located on the edge of Kariobangi, one of the poorest sections of Nairobi. Here they are signing our Kneya anniversary flag.


Trinity Jewellery Crafts in Kenya with one part of our anniversary flag.



Ambassador Bill Hutchings (far right) along with Justicia Fair Trade shop have been signing our UK flag in Bolton.


UPPFL produce mangoes and cashews in Banfora, Burkina Faso. Here they are signing our anniversary flag. Read more about UPPFL here.

UPPFL, Burkina Faso

UPPFL, Burkina Faso1

Our customer Association Ton are based in Niangoloko, Burkina Faso, they were one of the first organisations in Burkina Faso to dry mangoes as a means of preservation. Read more about ATN here. Here they are signing our Ghana flag. 

Association Ton , Burkina Faso

TradeAID Integrated is an NGO working to reduce poverty in Bolgatanga, Upper East Region, Ghana. Here they are with our anniversary flag.

Trade Aid With Flag

 Customer ECAB signing our 25 year anniversary flag in Ghana.


Kavokiva are cocoa farmers based in Cote d'Ivoire, here they are signing our anniversary flag.


Customer Coabia signng our anniversary flag in Ghana.


Here are customers: ECAB, Coabia, Kavokiva, Cabf, Coopako, Ecookim, Nacaayo, Assin and Ahfo with our Ghana anniversary flag.


Thanks to our supporters at the South Region Fair Trade Supporter Conference in London for signing our UK flag.



Also thanks to our supporters at the Co-operatives South East Board for signing our UK flag.



Here are coffee cooperative Coagricsal signing our Costa Rica flag in Honduras.



Here are customer Cafel signing our Costa Rica flag in Honduras.



Capripel with our Costa Rica flag in Honduras.


Coaprocl with our Costa Rica flag in Honduras.


Coaquil with our Costa Rica anniversary lag in Honduras.



Cocaol with our Costa Rica anniversary flag in Honduras.


Cocasam signing our Costa Rica flag in Honduras.



Cosagual with our aniversary flag in Honduras.


Here are our long standing customer Brazil nut producers Candela with our Peru anniversary flag.



Kenyan customer Bukanzo with our anniversary flag.


East Africa Producer Committee with our Kenya anniversary flag.


Customer Katuka signing our Kenya anniversary flag.


Kenyan customer Mabale with our anniversary flag in Kenya.


Customer NIHACOFA with our anniversary flag in Kenya.


Customer Rwenzori signing our anniversary flag in Kenya.


Our Costa Rica flag complete and back in the Newcastle office, ready to be joined together with our other four flags for our AGM in March 2015.

Photo 1

We now have three parts of our anniversary flag back in the office, Costa Rica, Kenya and UK. Some fantastic messages of support from all around the globe.


Our full anniversary flag is now back in the UK. The flag will be joined together for our AGM in March.

Full Flag 3

See the journey the individual flags have taken here.