Our Positive Statements

Be Fair

We invest in a fairer world.  We believe in treating people consistently and making measured judgements - whether it is with each other, or with a customer, investor, donor, volunteer, or supplier.

Be Responsible.

We lend responsibly; we inform our investors of risk, and we do our best with the resources that are entrusted to us.  We consider the impact of our actions on the environment and community, as well as each other.  

Be Positive.

We see the world as it could be.  We aim to see the best in people and work together to achieve positive solutions in all that we do.

Be Innovative.

We work collaboratively and professionally.  This means we share knowledge and skills to attain the best outcome possible.  We celebrate the diversity of different cultures.  We listen, and value others' opinions, use experience to inform our decisions, and encourage new ideas. 

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