Shared Interest Society thanks members in Scotland

As part of our World Fair Trade Day celebrations Shared Interest visited Glasgow to thank members in Scotland for their continued support.


Over 50 members joined Shared Interest at The Lighthouse in Glasgow on Friday 9 May to mark World Fair Trade Day and hear from the Society about their recent successes and plans for the future.  

With around 1,000 investors across Scotland, and at least 150 in the Glasgow area alone, Shared Interest will next year mark 25 years of ethical investment in unstable and disadvantaged parts of the world. 

Stephen Hayes is an investor with Shared Interest and lives in Glasgow;one of the investors contributing to more than £2million of ethical investment from members across Scotland:

"I was raised very close to Liverpool's docks, which brought sailors from all over the world and this, together with my father's tales of war service in Burma, made me aware of countries overseas with needs far different to our own."

Stephen moved to Scotland in 1994. Working within international health management, Stephen worked on a project with a hospital in Kathmandu to enable their nurses to train in a UK high dependency unit. He returned to Scotland in 2002.

"Through my work, I have been privileged to work in a broad range of countries including Nigeria, Kenya and Tajikistan.  This gave me an acute awareness of the health and associated issues, of women and children especially, in disadvantaged parts of the world.


"It was during this time that I became aware of Shared Interest.  International aid strikes me as important but still fails to address the issue of sustainability.  This is why I was immediately attracted to Shared Interest; the focus is ultimately on supporting the development of fair trade enterprises and co-operatives in low income countries.  I support their aim of encouraging businesses and therefore communities to become economically stable on a long term basis."