Open a Share Account

Investing in Shared Interest is easy. Anyone over the age of 16 with a UK bank account can open a Share Account with us for as little as £100.

Shared Interest enables UK investors to share the risk involved in trying to provide a fairer way of doing business. By opening a Share Account you are agreeing to take and share this risk.

Share Accounts can be also opened jointly, or as a group with up to four signatories.  

Please note that you have to be a UK resident to open a Share Account. 

Download an application form or complete the form below.

*The Directors decide on what the interest amount will be, if any, at the end of the financial year when the financial results for the past year are known. 


You can even open a Share Account on behalf of a child, which will become their own when they are aged 16. Download an application form.

Or why not send a Shared Interest gift pack to a loved one to mark a special occasion in a completely unique way.

Our role in the fair trade movement is crucial, but we couldn't do it without you.