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RWAFAT (Rwandan Forum for Alternative Trade)

We are currently seeking funding to ensure the sustainability of work we have carried out previously in Rwanda. From 2008-2011 Shared Interest Foundation ran a Big Lottery Fund project to train 50 Rwandan handcraft producer groups and introduce them to fair trade. This produced good results with the evaluation noting improved business skills and highlighting that 80% of groups doubled their incomes and over 100 jobs were created. Along with this, progress was made to establish the national network, RWAFAT. However sustaining these improvements is a tough challenge and many of the communities involved still live below the poverty line.

We are looking for funds to further develop the fair trade handcraft support network in Rwanda into a sustainable, independent organisation, supporting producers to grow their business and improve their livelihoods for years to come.

TargetTarget: £30,000                                      Current Funds Current funds raised: £24,705

Access to Finance

We are currently running a project which works with 150 smallholder producer groups in 5 African countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana and Ivory Coast. The Access to Finance project works in partnership with Fairtrade Africa to build the capacity of these producer groups in order for them to meet their financing need. We have currently just completed a hugely successful first year of the programme were we saw loan applications totalling £1million, our target for the whole two year project.

We are looking for funds to increase even more the amount of producer groups we can support and who can ultimately access ethical finance to increase the capacity of their businesses.

TargetTarget: £10,000                                             Current Funds  Current funds raised: £0

Livelihood Security Fund

This project started in 2008 and is used to pay grants to fair trade producers in developing countries that have suffered a shock such as flooding, a hurricane or a landslide. Having a permanent pot of money means that we can respond immediately to any need, and ensure that the business is able to start trading again as soon as possible.

We are looking for further funds to make sure that should the worst happen to producers in developing countries we are able to meet their needs immediately reducing the effect on both them and their communities.

 TargetTarget: £5,000                                         Current Funds Current funds raised: £1,000