Buranga Big 

Buranga is a women's co-operative that makes jewellery from recycled paper, based in the outskirts of Kigali. The group consists of 36 women all of whom are affected by HIV/Aids and many whom were raped during the genocide. As a result of the Rwandan Producer Support Project this group now has a business plan and over the course of the project they managed to triple their income.

President of Buranga, Odette Murebwayire said: "Shared Interest Foundation trained us in product pricing, market research, promotion techniques, operation and finance. The sales before training were low, because we never used to market our products. Because of marketing training we designed business cards and other marketing material and even opened a small shop in the local market. So now our income has not just doubled, it has tripled."

"We are now able to eat two meals a day instead of one a day before. We can send our children to school and plan for the future. We have co-operative savings scheme now and through that people have been able to buy mattresses and are no longer sleeping on the mud. We see a bright future for our women."

An evaluation of the project in 2011 highlighted the social impact of the project. Since the beginning of the project:

  • The number of children attending school has increased 86% because their parents /guardians can now afford to buy uniforms, shoes and books
  • Producer group members have been able to purchase livestock which in turn produce milk or breed and can be sold and thereby generate a profit
  • Producers are now able to access healthcare as they are able to pay from the mutual health insurance which was not previously possible
  • Houses have been renovated and mattresses purchased, some have moved from a mud built structure to one made from concrete
  • Producer groups have cited an increase in confidence, hope and respect