In early October 2010, Hurricane Matthew crossed over the Mexican state of Chiapas causing severe damage. The hurricane had been so powerful; it had broken up bridges and caused landslides in the local area as well as causing 23 fatalities.

Coffee producer CESMACH saw their farmland devastated and their coffee plantations almost all destroyed. As coffee production represented 75% of the income of the families affected by Hurricane Matthew, the immediate need was the rehabilitation of the coffee fields.

Coffee growing is the company's main activity and for small-scale producers this was the local economies main income-generating activity affecting hundreds of livelihoods both directly and indirectly.

A grant of £5,000 was given from our Livelihood Security Fund, enabling the purchase of over 15,000 new coffee plants from small scale organic coffee producers. Coupled with funding from other sources and from CESMACH's own means, the Livelihood Security Fund helped the hurricane damaged land and local community recover more quickly from the devastation.

In 2014 CESMACH continue to trade in coffee and are also trialling production of honey. Their Community Development department from which they monitor and meet the needs of local communities and families are currently promoting activities aimed at improving nutrition and identifying projects with economic potential by growing vegetables and raising animals such as pigs, sheep, fish, chickens and beekeeping.