Kabuboni Farmers Co-operative Society Ltd is a fairtrade certified coffee producer on the slopes of Mount Kenya. The location relies on coffee as the main cash crop. Kabuboni has embarked on a campaign to revitalise coffee farming in the area after farmers had neglected the product.

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After receiving specialist training and mentoring from Shared Interest Foundation's Access to Finance project, Kabuboni members have been able to find an extra source of income from dairy farming. A lending facility from Shared Interest Society has financed a cooling plant, which is used to store the milk at the correct temperature after it leaves Kabuboni's collection centres.

Philip Murithi Agostino said: "We were in dire need of funds for diversification. The training has helped us access this finance and subsequently increase the number of female employees as the majority of dairy farmers tend to be women."

Shared Interest Foundation Project Leader, Jo Hall said: "The training programme has been crucial in assisting organisations like Kabuboni to improve the way they present their finances, as well as introducing the concept of social lending as an affordable alternative for financial support."

Kabuboni is the first customer to receive a lending facility in their local currency. Many of the coffee farmers already kept dairy cows, but didn't have the facilities to store their milk. By providing the cooling plant and encouraging their workers to earn an additional income, Kabuboni is helping their workers to become less vulnerable to coffee price fluctuations and provide better support for their families.