Quazi Design

How We Help

Quazi Design is one of Swaziland's leading lights in the handcraft market. The relatively new business produces stunning eco-conscious jewellery and home accessories. The company is an active member of Swaziland International Fair Trade Association (SWIFT) and a strong advocate of fair trade principles.

They currently employ 10 women producers from the local area and further afield. All the women have contracts and are offered permanent work and have bank accounts to assist in saving.

Doron Shaltiel, Managing Director of Quazi Design said: "The women have become like a family to each other and are happy to come to work as it's a supportive and safe environment. We are getting positive feedback on our products and are hoping that we can grow and employ more women.

Doron continues, describing her hopes for Shared Interest Foundation's Swaziland project and the impact she envisages it will have: "We are very excited to be part of the project. It comes at a great time for us, as we are a new business and will appreciate the potential training and networks that will arise from the project. We are lucky to be part of a country network that shares best practices, shares customers and collaborates on products, retail and lots more."

"We are therefore also happy to support smaller less formal businesses in how to grow sustainably and what we have learnt along the way. It is an exciting time to be part of handicrafts in Swaziland."