Case Studies


Country: Mexico
Producer of: Coffee
Shared Interest product(s): Export Credit


CESMACH produces Fairtrade organic coffee. They predominantly export their coffee, although they do sell 5% locally.

For thousands of farmers living in Chiapas, Mexico's most southern state, coffee is the principal agricultural activity and their only source of income.

CESMACH's 500 smallholder farmers face the additional challenge of being located on the border of the protected nature reserve, El Triunfo. No farming is permitted within the protected zone but on the borders, organic coffee production is allowed.

Shared Interest have worked with CESMACH since 2010 providing them with an Export Credit facility.  The group uses this to pre-finance their orders and to pay their farmers on time.

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Country: Mpanga
Producer of: Tea
Shared Interest product(s): Term Loans

MpangaMpanga Growers Tea Factory Ltd (MGTF) is a public limited company owned entirely by smallholder farmers.

Mpanga's first Shared Interest loan enabled the co-operative to purchase the Kasunga tea estate, which also includes a training centre.

More recently, they took out a loan to help purchase the fertiliser which is vital to their productivity. Mpanga has also invested in technology which traces the green leaves right back to individual farms to ensure accurate payment.

It is anticipated that over 1,000 people will directly benefit from this loan as the annual earnings of the farmers increase in line with the yield and the quality of the green leaf tea.

Uganda produces only 1% of the world's tea so farmers need to ensure high quality in order to be able to compete effectively. Improving the quality of the green tea will increase the average auction price by over 10%.

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Country: Kenya
Producer of: Handcrafts
Shared Interest product(s): Export Credit and Term Loans



Namayiana is a Masaai women's handcraft producer group based in the Ngong area of Kenya. Patterns in their beautiful, traditional beadwork tell a story about a person's life.

Before Namayiana existed there was no real role for women in the local community. Now they are able to provide an income for their families, paying for their children's education, as well as food, clothing and other household items.

The income earned from the sale of their beaded goods means that many women have been able to secure alternative income streams which helps to ensure long term financial sustainability for these families.

Namayiana has worked with Shared Interest since 2009 and uses its loan facility to pre-finance their orders. Products include bags, baskets, necklaces, bracelets, belts, coasters and mirrors.

The group has also used Shared Interest loans to enable them to attend the African Days Vienna Exhibition in 2010 and 2011. Attending the conferences has not only increased their sales but also built confidence within the group.

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Country: Peru
Producer of: Handcrafts
Shared Interest product(s): Export Credit and Term Loan

 RaymisaRaymisa in Peru produces and exports high-quality crafts. They help producers find access to market.

Raymisa was founded with the purpose of promoting a socially responsible business that would improve the livelihoods of Peruvian craftsmen in the poorest areas of the country.

During the 90s, in order to respond to new buyers' requests Raymisa trained the producers to manufacture fashion-oriented products.

More recently, during 2010, they acquired a modern industrial machine to manufacture textiles, particularly oriented to tailor alpaca and cotton clothes. This equipment has helped to increase productivity and prepare new and better designs.

Shared Interest provides Raymisa with a credit facility to pre-finance contracts. They also have a term loan which is used for the purchase of washing and filtering machines to improve the alpaca thread production.


Country: USA
Buyer of: Quinoa
Shared Interest product(s): Buyer Credit

Andean Naturals

Andean Naturals was set up in 2004 by five Bolivian entrepreneurs based in the US who wanted to help farmers in Bolivia gain access to the North American market. Since then the company has built a reputation as a specialist supplier of quinoa, and quinoa-based products such as flour, pasta and flakes.

The organisation aims to promote sustainable agriculture in the Andes, improve economic development in the farming communities, and increase the demand for quinoa as a healthy food in the US.

The organisation uses a Shared Interest credit facility to offer the 4,000 farmers involved pre-harvest payments.

This means that they can receive payment for their produce before the quinoa is sold - quite often as a 'super food' to health conscious consumers in North America and Europe.

To learn more about Andean Naturals, visit their website at

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Country: USA
Buyer of: Handcrafts and food
Shared Interest product(s): Buyer Credit and Term Loan

SERRVSERRV was set up in 1949 with a mission to "eradicate poverty wherever it resides" by providing opportunity and support to artisans and farmers worldwide.

SERRV support struggling artisans and farmers in 35 different countries providing them with training, grants, technical assistance, sales assistance and marketing. SERRV strive to enrich lives around the world and to inspire real change for the better.

SERRV is one of Shared Interest's main customers, having been a customer for almost 16 years.

The organisation has used term loans to update their organisation's image, invest in new operating software and supporting hardware, developing their website and catalogue as well as buying stock for new stores. 

To learn more about SERRV, visit their website at

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