Social Accounts 2015/16

Welcome to our Social Accounts area.

Social Accounts are one of the ways in which Shared Interest holds itself accountable to those people that have an interest in its activities. Part of the social accounting process is to identify key groups of such stakeholders, and to consult with them on their view of our performance against the mission and values which we espouse. In the section which follows, we therefore define our understanding of the stakeholders of Shared Interest and detail the consultations which have taken place over the past year.

In addition to stakeholder consultation, we provide a report on our performance using internal data. This seeks to show the progress that we have made in the year on delivering against key indicators, as measures of the aims and activities outlined in Section 4. Where possible we have provided external benchmarks against which this performance can be evaluated.

Increasingly we expect such information to come from business systems which are used in the daily running of our operations. Given the time and resources which go into producing social accounts, it is important to us that they are used to help us improve future performance. Under each section we therefore draw conclusions and develop recommendations against which we report progress in the following year.

This is our twelth set of annual social accounts. It has been compiled in accordance with the process recommended by the Social Audit Network UK and audited by a panel chaired by a SAN qualified social auditor.

You will find elements of our research and findings throughout this website as the process is an organic and integral part of our work. Please get in touch with any comments or feedback you have on our Social Accounts.