Staff talent and commitment

On 30 September 2016, Shared Interest was employing 37 members of staff, working for Shared Interest Society and Shared Interest Foundation. The majority of these posts are based in the UK. We also have colleagues working in Africa, South America and Central America.

We carry out an annual staff engagement survey. Having used the same People Gauge online survey as last year, it was helpful in comparing results. This year showed that 34% of staff are actively engaged (33% last year), 64% engaged (64% last year) and the remaining 2% as actively disengaged (3% last year).

Overall, there has been a move from actively disengaged to engaged/actively engaged, particularly in the communication, feedback and support, and recognition sections, 98.3% of staff still remain actively engaged or engaged.

Shared Interest aims to provide staff with job satisfaction by offering interesting and varied work combined with generous and flexible benefits. Benefits include contributions of 9% into a group personal pension scheme, life assurance cover, income protection cover, a sick pay scheme, maternity, paternity and adoption leave/pay that is more generous than the statutory requirements.  The cost of living, individual performance and an annual salary benchmarking exercise are all taken into account when we review salaries on an annual basis.

Staff have weekly team meetings as well as one-to-one meetings with their line manager. Monthly updates on forthcoming activities in each department are held in the Newcastle office, with minutes sent to all staff. We have a staff forum which liaises with senior management to resolve issues as required.

Shared Interest invests in staff training and development. There has been a reduction in overall training costs this year. This is due to some of the courses, particularly those leading to a qualification (which are more expensive), commencing during the last financial year and payment being made at that time.

You can read more about staff talent and commitment in Social Accounts.