Types of lending


We offer a range of credit and loan finance products for fair trade producers, farmers and artisans across the world. We also lend to fair trade organisations involved in the production of commodities and handcrafts.

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Producer customer Association Ton

We offer:

  • Fair trade export credit provide sufficient money to producer groups to enable them to fulfil their orders
  • Commercial order export credit  for fair trade producer groups who are selling goods to commercial firms or fair trade buyers who do not have an account with Shared Interest
  • Term loans to help producers build capacity and/or profitability for example by purchasing essential equipment
  • Stock facility enabling producers to secure stock when harvests are unpredictable and contracts not yet fixed
  • Pre-harvest loans to allow producers to finance the usual farm production processes and maintenance of crops


We offer a range of credit and loan finance products for fair trade buyers across the world.  We also lend to fair trade organisations involved in the procurement of commodities and handcrafts.


Buyer customer Andean Naturals

We offer:

  • Buyer pre-financing credit facility allowing pre and post shipment credit for confirmed orders
  • Shop loans to help fair trade retailers finance their stock purchases for new fair trade stores in the developed world
  • Term loans to help fair trade buyers purchase infrastructure, such as machinery, buildings or vehicles

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