Our Council

Nuestro Consejo se compone de nueve inversionistas de Shared Interest elegidos aleatoriamente

El rol de este grupo es representar las opiniones de los miembros a la Junta Directiva.

El objetivo principal es ayudar a mantener la Sociedad fiel a su misión y asegurar que la estrategia de la Sociedad y los intereses de los miembros permanezcan alineados.

El Consejo se reúne tres veces al año. Ellos reciben actualizaciones del equipo gerencial y actas de las reuniones de la Junta, es una oportunidad para revisar y discutir con el Director General, el secretario y la Junta.

De acuerdo con las normas de Shared Interest un miembro aleatorio del Consejo se retira cada año en base a rotación, la última elección se llevó a cabo en marzo del 2016.  

Election of new Council Member

The Council of Shared Interest comprises nine members who are elected to represent the views and interests of all Members of the Society to the Board of Directors and Management.

The Council meets formally three times a year and informally at the AGM in March. It also conducts discussions on relevant issues by email and telephone between meetings.

Each year one third of the Council retires and these members can offer themselves for re-election should they so wish until they have served a maximum term of 6 years. In 2019 the retiring Council member from the three members of Council not chosen at random is Ben Quashie who is eligible and offering himself for re-election.

Members of the Society are invited to consider standing as candidates in the election, which will be held in March 2019 by a postal ballot. If this role matches your interests and experience and you are able to commit the time, details are available for your consideration from Tim Morgan, Shared Interest Secretary. Members of Council are also happy to talk to prospective candidates.

The planned timetable is as follows:-

Latest date for receipt of expressions of interest
30 September 2018
Issue of Council Nomination Particulars  
15 October 2018
Submission of completed Nomination Form and Election Statement    
2 November 2018
Short List confirmed by Council  
30 November 2018
Election Papers issued (with AGM Papers)    
11 January 2019
Ballot closes
6 March 2019
Results announced at AGM
8 March 2019

Applications are particularly welcome from minority groups.

The current make up of Council is 3 female and 6 male.

We look forward to a good response from the membership to carry on this important role in the governance of the Society.

The Council of Shared Interest