Increasing The Resilience Of Coffee Farming

Coffee farming is the primary source of income for communities living on the slopes of Mount Rwenzori in Western Uganda. However, due to low productivity many farmers are struggling to meet their livelihood needs, earning under £200 per year.

Working in partnership with Bukonzo Organic Farmers Co-operative Union (BOCU), this project will support 365 smallholder coffee farmers to improve their coffee crop and diversify into passion fruit production as an additional source of income.

As well as learning how to grow and nurture their passion fruit vines, the farmers will receive training in Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Climate Smart Agriculture, and organic compost production. Over 18,000 passion fruit seedlings have been provided, which are both climate and disease resistant. To ensure the crops have suitable growing conditions, 3,650 trees have been planted to protect against soil erosion and provide shade. 

This project is funded by The Marr-Munning Trust.

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