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Getting a stall

Ambassador Kathryn Haigh held a Shared Interest stall at a local co-operative shop, "Single Step" in Lancaster. Here's how she did it.

Getting a stall in a local shop

"When at the shop I spoke to one of the staff about Shared Interest and asked whether it would be possible to have a stall with information perhaps during Fairtrade Fortnight. She took some magazines and brochures so it could be discussed at the next co-op meeting. I followed this up a couple of weeks later with an email. In January I sent another email saying Fairtrade Fortnight was approaching and would it be OK to have a stall.

"When I was in Lancaster during Fairtrade Fortnight I called in again to the shop, and spoke to the same staff member and a colleague, both members of the co-op. They remembered the contact, agreed that it would be OK with them, and just discussed which day would be best for them. I was offered Friday the following week. I was given a small table and used the Shared Interest table cloth. I made a small display of fair trade items which they have for sale, and displayed some literature. I had a break during the morning, but was talking with customers the whole day. I have been invited to return in the summer on a Saturday, and again in the period leading up to Christmas. From first contact with the shop, to having the stall was about six months."

Kathryn's Tips:

  • Bear in mind that in someone else's trading space, one has to be sensitive and if their customers are not interested to respect that.
  • This was the best response I have had from a stall, as the self selected customers were already concerned about dealing fairly and having ethically sourced foods, so it was a good match.
  • I am sure other whole food shops may be interested. They are not usually part of a chain, but may be family-owned, sole traders or run as a co-op, and therefore able to make their own decisions on whether to allow you a stall or not.

Giving a talk

Ambassador Phil was invited to give a talk to a local branch of the Associate Country Women of the World (ACWW). You can read more on giving a talk here

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