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Andean naturals

Andean Naturals, quinoa, USA (buyer)

Andean Naturals buys quinoa from small farms in the mountains of Bolivia and Peru and distributes it throughout North America. The organisation uses a Shared Interest credit facility to offer the 4,000 farmers involved pre-harvest payments. This means that they can receive payment for their produce before the quinoa is sold.

Sergio Nunez de Arco, Quinoa Specialist, said: “The Shared Interest financing to Andean is crucial, without this funding we would have difficulty paying the farmers on time and being able to develop our farmer base”. 

Quinoa farmer Efigenia said:

“ To all those who help in our efforts, I would like to say, thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Empowering farmers in the Andes

Efigenia is a member of Suma Kamaña, an association of women quinoa farmers, whose name means “to live well” in the ancient Aymara language of the Andes mountains.

Andean Naturals, believes strongly in empowering Bolivian farmers like Efigenia, paying a premium for their quinoa to preserve their livelihood.

Efigenia and her community dream of a day when they will enjoy running water and electricity. Through our partnership with Andean Naturals, Shared Interest is hoping to be able to help.

Read more about Andean Naturals in QR99-WEB.pdf

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