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Bomarts, pineapples, Ghana (producer)

Founded in 1985, by Anthony Botchway from Ghana, who was later joined by Martins Suter from Switzerland, Bomarts Farms Limited started life as a business with three acres of land used only for pineapple farming. Today, they have grown to be one of the major players in the fresh fruits export business, and a vital employer in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Located in Nsawam, Bomarts now employs over 400 full-time staff 60% of whom are women. Not only is Bomarts working to deliver social impact in the community, they also play a very important role in Ghana’s economy, by providing direct employment opportunities for farmers.

The production of tropical fruits for export started in Ghana in the 1990s. This was part of the Government’s diversifiation programme, aimed at reducing the country’s overreliance on primary commodities such as cocoa, timber and gold. Since then, the industry has experienced rapid growth.

CEO, Anthony Botchway, said:

“At times, I had to rely on my own sources to raise working capital to fulfil payment obligations to the producers. It was a hard time for the business but the Shared Interest loan helped change the situation.” 


In 2013, Bomarts became a Shared Interest customer, when they received a loan to expand their fruit-drying factory. The expansion helped them to buy more fruits from farmers and ultimately, increase production volumes. Prior to this, Bomarts had serious challenges paying producers.

Bomarts received further Shared Interest loans in 2014 and 2016 to purchase additional ovens, and expand their processing
factory to meet international standards. The increase in production capacity has led to the employment of more factory workers and improved Bomarts’ ability to meet customer deadlines.

Anthony, continued: “We now have a greater market penetration and access to more reputable retail organisations. This has resulted in increased sales and higher profits for the business. “The support from Shared Interest has helped re-equip and reposition the factory and we now look to the future with much confidence.”

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