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Namayiana, handcrafts, Kenya (producer)

The Maasai culture is well-known for ornate beadwork, where patterns are determined according to the wearer's age and social standing. Shared Interest is supporting Namayiana in their journey to bring their beautiful creations to customers around the world.

Namayiana Project Manager, Catherine Mututua said:

"We want to say thank you to the hand that gives. We have received blessings from the labour of our hands and know there will be opportunities for more groups to be blessed through Shared Interest. Looking forward, we hope to continue to grow our group and pass it on to our children."

Shared Interest really is a blessing

Before Namayiana existed there was no real role for women in the local community.  Most women could not read or write, but wished to use the skills and abilities they had to care for their children and the community around them.  The group began 20 years ago with just 16 women and there are now over 100.  Shared Interest has been financing Namayiana since 2009, beginning with a loan facility to manage their orders of handmade bags and belts. A further loan helped the group to install electricity in their village for the first time. 

Now the women of Ngong are able to provide an income for their families, paying for their children's education, as well as food, clothing and other household items. 

Catherine Mututua, Project Manager said: "Maasai women face many challenges, generally brought about by lack of education. The women are proud they have their own project. They can earn a living and take care of their families.”

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