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In 2021, we held our Annual General Meeting (AGM) online for the first time and achieved the highest attendance in our history. This year’s event also took place online on Friday 11 March 2022, with a smaller audience of 249 but still a higher attendance than we have previously seen in physical face-to-face AGMs. Fewer members also took part in our AGM voting process (1,119 compared to 1,311). Last year, 553 members voted online, and this number reduced to 338 in 2022, and as an overall percentage of votes taken, 30% of votes were placed using the online system compared to 42% last year.

“Congratulations on the professionalism of Shared Interest and their varied inputs to the Fairtrade Foundation Festival 2022. I'm thrilled by the way you use and take care of my money.”

We held a series of online events before and during Fairtrade Fortnight, bringing supporters and farmers together with the Shared Interest team, to discuss the climate issues faced in different regions including Central America, South America, East Africa and West Africa.

You can watch the recordings of all our supporter events here

You can read the full Social Accounts document here.

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