Fairtrade at 30: How Fairtrade has Impacted ECOOKIM

Fairtrade at 30: How Fairtrade has Impacted ECOOKIM
14 juin 2024

ECOOKIM was established in 2004 and currently unifies 30 farmer co-operatives across four regions of Ivory Coast, supporting over 32,000 producers by bringing their coffee and cocoa to export.

These rural communities have high levels of unemployment, poor healthcare and an influx of migrants from nearby countries looking for economic opportunities.

Shared Interest and ECOOKIM 

ECOOKIM gained Fairtrade certification in 2010 and became a Shared Interest customer 2014.

The co-operative has utilised Shared Interest finance to build warehouses, purchase vehicles and invest in education, health facilities, water and sanitation.

Fairtrade and ECOOKIM 

Fairtrade standards offer various provisions and benefits to ECOOKIM, including:

  • An additional Fairtrade Premium of $200 per tonne for investment in community, business and environmental projects.
  • An extra $300 per tonne for Fairtrade Certified organic cocoa beans.
  • Environmental standards to promote sound agricultural practices involving waste management, soil fertility, water use and more.
  • Prohibition of forced labour and child labour.

Aminata Bamba, ECOOKIM’s Sustainable Development Program lead, says that women often support their husbands from the production stage through to the drying process. Here is what she had to say:

“We have been using the Fairtrade Premium to set up primary schools so the children are looked after while the women go to work.”

Here are some more examples of how the Fairtrade Premium has empowered ECOOKIM:

  • Two central warehouses were constructed, serving three co-operatives.
  • A truck was purchased by CAPEDIG co-operative for the collection and delivery of coffee beans.
  • Organic fertilisers were provided to increase the sustainability of cocoa production.
  • Disease control, pesticides, spraying equipment and personal protective equipment were provided.
  • Training programmes were developed to improve productivity and quality.
  • Educational programmes were developed to raise awareness of child labour issues.

Fairtrade represents the voices of two million small-scale farmers and workers. 

Thank you for reading more about how Fairtrade has impacted ECOOKIM, one of 175 organisations we are proud to support with fair finance.


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