Make the Swap to Fairtrade and Do Something Great Every Day

Make the Swap to Fairtrade and Do Something Great Every Day
10 juin 2024

The Great Big Green Week is here! From the 8th to the 16th of June, the Great Big Green Week celebrates climate action in many shapes and forms throughout our communities.

One such form is The Big Swap. As part of the initiative, people across the country are encouraged to share the changes they have made every day to help create a safer, greener future for all of us.

Whether it's as a family, as a community or on your own, let us know what you've swapped to tackle climate change, protect farmers and create a fairer world and we'll reshare this with our community. You can message us your swaps on social media or email us at You can also visit the Great Big Green Week website here and submit your swaps to be featured on their channels.

Join the Big Swap challenge with our Feed Me Fairtrade series

In need of inspiration? Check out our Feed Me Fairtrade videos on YouTube to find quick and easy ways you can make those important changes to your cupboards by swapping out regular ingredients for fairtrade ones, all whilst making your meals even tastier!

Sally, who is our Partnership Manager and resident chef for our Feed Me Fairtrade series, said:

"I'm swapping my regular baking and cooking ingredients for Fairtrade ones. I'm thinking more about where my family's food comes from and the choices I can make to support those who produce what we eat. So many of the delicious things we eat are grown by those hardest hit by the impacts of climate change. Fairtrade supports smallholder farmers in addressing these impacts."

In this episode, Sally makes delicious, creamy hummus with roasted veggies. 

This recipe uses ingredients inspired by the vegetables grown in Shared Interest Foundation’s soilless farming projects in Burkina Faso and Ghana. These initiatives generate sustainable income for farmers and use readily available local materials such as sawdust and coconut fibres.

In this episode, Sally makes quick, easy and delicious chocolate cupcakes.

Inspired by Shared Interest’s Little Book of Fairness, a free, educational resource which aims to introduce the concept of fair trade to young children, this recipe is a classic, but most ingredients can easily be replaced by a Fairtrade alternative to make sure that your uplifting treat will also make the planet happy.

Did you know?

Fairtrade premiums are often used to strengthen education in local communities. CAYAT, a Shared Interest customer, used premiums to refurbish schools and increase women’s access to training.

How to Find our Feed Me Fairtrade Series

1) Visit our YouTube channel by searching for Shared Interest.

2) Click the Playlists tab to find each of our video collections.

3) Check out ‘Feed Me Fairtrade’ to get inspired with our recipes!

Thank you for reading our blog on how to celebrate the Great Big Green Week by taking part in your own Big Swap challenge with a little inspiration from our Feed Me Fairtrade recipe videos.

Supply chains end with you, the consumer. By changing the ingredients on your dinner plate to Fairtrade alternatives, you are shifting the power back to smallholder farming communities: those who are the backbone of global food supply and also the hardest hit from the consequences of our decisions as consumers.

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