01 mars 2023

It was great to be part of AFCA (African Fine Coffees Conference & Exhibition), which is Africa’s largest coffee trade conference.

We packed a lot into three days, meeting with current customers such as KOAKAKA coffee co-operative (pictured below), which is based not far from Kigali, where the conference was held this year. You can learn more about KOAKAKA coffee co-operative by reading our impact study.

As well as connecting with representatives from businesses interested in our finance, we also attended some discussion sessions. Topics included coffee markets, climate change and sustainable financing. 

There were several buyers attending the event and we are hopeful that some Shared Interest customers managed to secure further contracts and build trade relationships.

We enjoyed tasting some coffee produced by Shared Interest customer Tropic Coffee. It is described as anaerobic coffee, which is rich in flavour and has a distinct taste because of the way it is processed. Anaerobic fermentation occurs when oxygen is removed from the process by sealing coffee cherries in containers for certain amount of hours before they are dried. 

It was my first time to taste such coffee. This is a speciality coffee and fetches a high price in the market. 

KOAKAKA General Manager Safari Bonaventure and Shared Interest Customer Representative Josephine Mwasaru at AFCA. 

By Shared Interest Lending Officer in East Africa Kennedy Mwasi


Sally Seddon Really interesting to hear about the anaerobic fermentation process and how it produces a unique taste to the coffee. Thanks for sharing more about your trip


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