11 mai 2020

As the world faces disruption due to Covid-19, we have been keeping in touch with our customers. We are hearing so many inspiring stories about how they are working through these times of hardship and finding innovative ways they can adapt their businesses.

Swahili Imports featured in our recent member newsletter, QR was founded over two decades ago in Oregon by Leslie Mittelberg, Swahili Imports – trading as Swahili African Modern – partners with African artisans to sell their fair trade goods in stores around the world.

Leslie got in touch with us to share how her team is navigating lockdown as the USA celebrated Mothers Day on Sunday 10 May.

Leslie, said: “Here at Swahili, the line between mom life and work life is always a little smudged. We're blessed with a talented crew of moms who give their all to their jobs and their families. Since we're spread out between office and homes this Mother's Day, we sent out a check-in to our multi-tasking mammas.”

Emily Hassman Retail Manager

1 year at Swahili, 5 years a mom

How has life changed for your family during the pandemic?
Home all the time and worried about my husband who is a nurse. My kids are mostly enjoying being at home though!

Which Swahili item represents your "mom" persona?
The Rainbow Connection Bolga basket. It's colorful and meets a lot of needs for my family's daily life—holding toys, hauling all the snacks and water bottles, or for a garden harvest. And my kids love anything rainbow!


Jenna "I'm tired" Shockley Inventory Manager

10 years at Swahili, 4 years a mom

How has life changed for your family during the pandemic?
No preschool for my oldest, which he misses a lot. No social outlets or playgrounds for him to get that energy out, so he relies on us to fill that void. At first I was shocked and wanted time to rest and process, but you don't really get that opportunity with two little ones. As time has gone on and I've adjusted to this "new normal," I'm grateful that my boys have given me so much joy and purpose during this situation. You can't sit in despair when you have two kids that need you and are looking at you for direction.

Which Swahili item represents your "mom" persona?
Big Senegal hampers. I have three in the house. I want to keep a tidy space, it's just what makes me feel happy. These hampers hide just about anything and still make an amazing design statement. I've got blankets in one, toys in another, and laundry in the last. I love them.

Hermela Mekonnen Model, Order Fulfillment, Accounting

4 years at Swahili, 5 years a mom

How has life changed for your family during the pandemic?
It is a good bonding time with my son.

Which Swahili item represents your "mom" persona?
Baskets, my mom holds so many different things inside her and she always looks great from outside. She smiles all the time, even in difficult times.

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