30 avril 2020

We recently invited our network of volunteers across the UK, to share with us some items that spark memories of Shared Interest.  You can read more here about this creative project, devised by our Volunteer Engagement Manager, Sally Seddon - and her reasons for encouraging volunteers to use a photographic display method called ‘knolling’.

Sally said: “At the time, we didn’t know that people were going to be spending so much time at home, but were looking for a task that they could take part in without having to come to the office due to the geographical distance.

“It was really interesting to see the variation of objects that volunteers chose to represent their memories.  We hope to display a selection of their photographs at future events but until then we can share them virtually.”

Here, Ambassador Rob Waller from Frome tells us about his choices:

  • We often share a stall with the lovely people at Bristol Fairtrade Network. This is Elaine, Jenny and another of their colleagues.
  • When we run a stall at events, we always take some fair trade chocolate to hand out. It's a great conversation starter and once lured by chocolate people usually stop and chat.
  • Everyone sees Fairtrade bananas in supermarkets, and they are a good conversation starter about how fair trade works, and how finance is key to it. And they are delicious.
  • Shared Interest support us brilliantly with resources such as business cards, and this sustainable USB stick. The Shared Interest impact films on the CD are a great visual aid to help people understand how their investment can change lives
  • The Big Issue – when Shared Interest takes over the cover each Fairtrade Fortnight, I use a copy as a resource for explaining what the organisation does.
  • A non-plastic water bottle I bought at the Bristol Festival of Nature, where I was helping to run the Shared Interest stall


Sally I really like the way you've annotated this one Rob, it looks like a 'kit' you take with you whenever you're volunteering :)


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