Visiting our Customers in West and East Africa: CAYAT, ECOOKIM

Visiting our Customers in West and East Africa: CAYAT, ECOOKIM
29 septembre 2023

On the 26th of September, our lending team travelled to Ivory Coast and visited ECOOKIM and Socak-Katana, cocoa producers and Shared Interest customers whom we continue to support with fair finance. The team visited the co-op's warehouses and learned more about the processing of dried cocoa beans and packaging before exportation.

Following our visit to ECOOKIM and Socak-Katana, our lending team visited CAYAT, an Ivorian cocoa producer and Shared Interest customer since 2016. Our team had the chance to speak with CAYAT about their production and business during the 2022/2023 season, including their plans, projects and short term financial needs 

They also had the opportunity to visit producers across farms, women's groups and CAYAT's alternative livelihood projects, as well as to take a look at building projects financed by Shared Interest, such as the building shown in the image above. This asset provides CAYAT a conference room for training of their members, offices and an opportunity to raise additional income by renting the spaces below. For example, a shop (Baobab) has been rented out already, whilst space will also be given to house CAYAT's existing radio station.

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