Volunteers Week 2023

Volunteers Week 2023
10 juillet 2023

Whether sharing information, entering data, translating documents or researching online, volunteers support us through a wide variety of activities. Our volunteer community are a greatly valued part of Shared Interest, no matter how big or small the contribution. 

To watch our Volunteer Festival recordings to celebrate Volunteers' Week 2023, please visit:

Our Volunteers Playlist on YouTube


In 2023, these are just some of the ways our amazing volunteers supported the work we do here at Shared Interest:

  • 26 activities were carried out, including research tasks, translations, interpretations and transcriptions.
  • 122 new accounts were opened, allowing us to continue supporting more businesses in need of finance.
  • 18 events were attended, allowing Shared Interest to be introduced to new audiences, increasing our membership and engagement.

Volunteer Festival: Day One

This year we held our third Volunteer Festival online. The festival ran over two days on 6th and 7th June, and was open to all volunteers and colleagues. Sessions included ‘eBay for Change’ by Joanna Pollard, Project Lead at eBay for Change and ‘JTS to True Origin: a journey involving rice and pasta sauce and so much more’ with Tracy Mitchell, Managing Director at JTS.

 "I feel proud to be associated with it because it is helping empower people."

~ Member of our Volunteer Community on their Shared Interest volunteer experience.

Volunteer Festival: Day Two

Colleagues also got involved in presenting some sessions including ‘Strengthening the resilience of coffee farmers in Uganda through passion fruit production’ from Harriet Urwin and Kodzo Korkortsi of Shared Interest Foundation, and ‘What is a carbon footprint?’ from our newly carbon literate, Partnership Manager Sally Seddon.

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the three interesting presentations...great programme."

~ Elsa Fairbanks, Shared Interest Ambassador

Opportunities to Make a Difference

As well as those who carry out volunteer roles, such as Ambassador, Community Supporter, Data Entry Volunteer and Translators, we also recognise the activity that many of our supporters do on a more informal basis. Thank you to all of you who pass on QR, share literature in your local area or get in touch to suggest an opportunity for a Shared Interest speaker. This all makes a difference, thank you. We encourage everyone to do ‘micro-volunteering’ activities where you can.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering opportunities please contact us on volunteers@shared-interest.com or call us on 0191 233 9101. 

"I'm using my skills and experience and doing something positive to help others."

~ Member of our Volunteer Community on their Shared Interest volunteer experience.

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