Why our Livelihood Security Fund is now more relevant than ever

Why our Livelihood Security Fund is now more relevant than ever
12 juin 2020

As the global impact of Covid-19 continues to unfold, it remains unclear how developing world communities will cope with the health, economic, and social hardship caused.  What we do know, is that, in addition to restrictions on movement and trade, developing world communities are dealing with floods, droughts and delayed harvests, which are threatening livelihoods and increasing household food insecurity.

The Shared Interest Livelihood Security Fund was launched a decade ago by our charity, Shared Interest Foundation.  It was initially set up to help producers in the developing world recover from shocks that may affect the smooth running of their businesses, and subsequently impact their livelihoods. A shock being defined, in this instance, as a natural disaster, economic downturn, and political, social or health related crises. These events all undermine producer groups’ sustainability and eliminate any progress they have made towards lifting themselves out of poverty.

During an era when the United Nations has tripled the sum needed to avert a Covid-19 catastrophe in the world's poorest nations, the Livelihood Security Fund will now enable us to support producers during and beyond the pandemic, while remaining true to our mission.

Shared Interest Society and Foundation have decades of experience in supporting producers in Africa and Latin America, and our in-country teams and partners in these regions mean that we can gain insight of the challenges faced.

We hope that, through the Fund, we can help farmers and workers survive the additional economic and social hardship caused by Covid-19. 

We have identified several types of support, which could be provided.  These range from the provision of hand sanitiser and other protective items, to the supply of seeds, farming tools, and equipment.

Many producers are not only facing risks to their health and livelihood because of the virus, but are also dealing with the effects of travel restrictions on their supply of food and other essential items.

We need to help producers to find ways to increase the resilience of their businesses, but first we must support them in overcoming the hardship they face.

If you are able to support our Livelihood Security Fund, please visit our campaign page to find out how you can help.

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