Case Studies

  • Baobab Batik

    Baobab Batik took part in our craft development project in Swaziland.


    CESMACH were supported by our Livelihood Security Fund following a hurricane in Mexico.

  • Best Practice Project

    We've supported fair trade country networks in Swaziland, Rwanda and Malawi through our Best Practice Exchange project.

  • Quazi Design

    Quazi Design took part in our craft development project in Swaziland.

  • Buranga

    Buranga took part in our Rwandan Producer Support Project.


    ECOOKIM is one of the latest beneficiaries of the ‘Access to Finance’ project run by Shared Interest Foundation in partnership with Fairtrade Africa.

  • Kabuboni

    Kabuboni Farmers Co-operative Society Ltd is a fairtrade certified coffee producer on the slopes of Mount Kenya. The location relies on coffee as the main cash crop. Kabuboni has embarked on a campaign to revitalise coffee farming in the area after farmers had neglected the product.

  • TradeAID Integrated

    Established at the turn of the millennium, TradeAID Integrated in Upper East Ghana is hoping to help people improve their lives through farming and handcraft production.