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You can help us provide life-changing projects that have the potential to transform communities.

Help us to deliver projects that help businesses grow, increase incomes for producers and create employment opportunities.

Find out the ways you can support us below.


By donating through Just Giving you can be sure that your payment is secure and the money will come directly to Shared Interest Foundation


You can send a cheque to:

Shared Interest Foundation
7 New Bridge Street West
Newcastle upon Tyne


Taking part in a run/walk/jump/climb? Why not support us too. We can provide you with fundraising support and resources to help you achieve your fundraising target. Contact us for more information.


You can arrange to leave us a gift in your Will. Learn more about leaving a legacy here.

Gift aid

Gift Aid is one of the simplest and most effective ways of giving to charity. It is a scheme administered by HM Revenue and Customs which allows us to claim 25p for every £1 that you donate. So, for example, if you donate £20 we can claim an extra £5, making your gift worth £25.

It does not cost you anything extra to sign up to Gift Aid. This is because as a UK taxpayer you have already paid tax on the money you’re donating – whether that is directly in cash or indirectly through the purchase price of the items you donate.

Once we receive your donation, we get the tax you originally paid back from HMRC to top up the donation.

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