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Application Process

Our application process is split into three stages. The completion time is dependant upon a number of factors but most importantly the speed and accuracy of information provided to our staff.


  • Information gathering
  • Visit to premises or alternative depending on country restrictions
  • Due diligence
  • Credit request preparation

The first stage is most crucial as we will be getting to know you and gathering information on your business.  In some case an initial assessment and/or an in-house fair trade assessment will be required.  It is also during this period that we visit your premises and undertake our normal due diligence process. We carry out due diligence for new businesses on application and for existing customers on an annual basis.  The purpose is to ensure that we build the fullest understanding of the business, its performance and plans, its owners and principals and that the purpose of the borrowing is ascertained.

However, in response to the Covid 19 pandemic in 2020, when travel is not possible, a Virtual Due Diligence Protocol is implemented to allow new business to progress without an on site visit.


  • Proposal revision
  • Questions and answers

Once all the required information has been gathered and we are satisfied that the organisation is able to comply with our main criteria, we will present a proposal to our “Credit Committee.”  During this stage, additional questions and documentation may be required in order to help assess your business. During this stage that lending conditions specific to your organisation will be discussed with you.


  • Approval and committal
  • Conditions complied and signed documents
  • Disbursement of funds.

Once the loan is agreed, we will supply you with specific lending conditions to be complied with.  Additional documents will be requested and all lending documents will need to be signed by the appropriate signatory.  Once  all the documentation is completed we will commit your loan and will disburse the funds to your organisation.

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