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Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide financial services and business support to make livelihoods and living standards better for people as they trade their way out of poverty.

We work collaboratively and innovatively with those who share our commitment to fair and just trade. With a community of investors and the support of donors and volunteers, we seek to contribute to a world where justice is at the heart of trade finance.

Image: Inka Moss harvester Fiorella Anchiraico Montalvo in the region of Tambillo, Peru. 

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Our Values

We will conduct our business in a manner which reflects the principles of love, justice and stewardship. We will:

  • Work co-operatively with our members as we take and share risk
  • Value and engage our donors and supporters
  • Encourage the commitment, talents and energy of our staff in an environment of mutual respect
  • Work to recognised fair trade standards
  • Respect the diversity of different cultures
  • Place partnership at the heart of what we do
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