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Social Accounts

Each year we compile a set of Social Accounts, which details our social, economic and environmental impact. 

The report is divided into two parts: Part I describes our activities and operations and Part II covers our impact.

You can either read the highlights using the buttons below, or you can download the full report here

The Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the United Nations released its blueprint to achieve a more sustainable future for all.

Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change describes the pathways we follow to deliver our mission, and the monitoring and evaluation framework that allows us to track and report on the impact of our work.

Our members, donors and supporters

In order to fulfil our mission, Shared Interest depends on he support of members, donors, volunteers and partners.

Our lending

Our aim is to be a trusted and respected provider of social finance, with a particular emphasis on working with smaller, more vulnerable groups that other lenders are less keen to support.

Our projects

Our charitable arm, Shared Interest Foundation, aims to improve livelihoods through the development of sustainable businesses and income generation initiatives across Africa and Latin America.

Our Team

At the foundation of our Theory of Change (ToC) is a motivated, engaged and skilled team, who are instrumental in implementing the activities needed to bring about desired change.


We recognise that our operations have a local, regional and global effect and we are committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance.

Our Impact

We provide financial services and business support to producer groups to increase their income, build resilient and sustainable businesses and create employment opportunities.


List of appendices for Shared Interest Social Accounts


A Summary of our Social Accounts Report.

Impact Studies

An insight into our impact studies including CAYAT and EDUCE as featured in our Social Accounts.

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