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Our Charity

Changing lives

Shared Interest Foundation changes lives by breaking the cycle of poverty through the creation of resilient businesses.

“We believe helping someone to build a strong business is a sustainable and respectful way to fight poverty.” 

Believing business breaks barriers

Everyone deserves the chance to provide for themselves and their families.  This is why we provide financial management and governance training, and help build support networks in disadvantaged rural communities.

We have worked in several countries since 2004; helping people to create a better life for their family and community.

Our work so far has focused on supporting businesses in Rwanda, Malawi, and Swaziland.  These countries have all suffered continuous economic difficulties, especially in rural areas.  

We tailor our training courses to suit businesses from start-ups to large co-operatives.  We train on how to price goods, maintain good financial records and apply for finance. We build business support networks, helping fair trade businesses break into new markets, increasing incomes and employment for producers.