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Appendix 1

Directors’ Report and Accounts for the Society

Appendix 2

Shared Interest Foundation Accounts 2022

Appendix 3

The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2023

Appendix 4

Safin Plenary Report 2022

Appendix 5

A detailed explanation of lending products

Appendix 6

CSAF State of the Sector Report 2023

Appendix 7

A detailed explanation of country risk

Appendix 8

State of the Global Workplace

Appendix 9

Volunteer Roles 2023

Appendix 10

Environment Team: Green Policy

Appendix 11

Annual Customer Survey

Appendix 12

Partnership Map - Social Accounts

Appendix 13

Producer Committee Notes 2023

Appendix 14

AGRAs Five Year Strategy: Sustainably Growing Africa's Food Systems

Appendix 15

CAYAT Longitudinal Case Study 2023

Appendix 16

EDUCE Longitudinal Case Study 2023

Appendix 17

Social Audit Network: Key Aspects Checklist 2023

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