TradeAID Integrated

Established at the turn of the millennium, TradeAID Integrated in Upper East Ghana is hoping to help people improve their lives through farming and handcraft production.


Previously the organisation was eroding its profit margins by depending on commercial vehicles to transport handmade baskets to port for shipment.

TradeAID Integrated participated in the Shared Interest Foundation's Access to Finance project. The project which was funded by Comic Relief and delivered in partnership with Fairtrade Africa provided the organisation with training in financial management enabling them to apply for a loan for a new truck.

It is predicted that the truck will now reduce transport costs by half each year, and a dual use has already been established at the opposite end of the process for transporting straw to the craft centres.

The income I earn from basket weaving has doubled per month and has enabled me to support my husband in the upkeep of the family.
Basket Weaver, Rhoda Apan