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AgroAndino, goldenberries, bananas and mangos, Peru (producer)

With its mild climate and unpolluted environment, the Northern Highlands of Peru is exceptionally well suited for growing organic fruits. Founding partner, Reinhard Schedlbauer, organised the first cultivation project in 2004, involving 62 micro-farming families. The project was a huge success, and in 2006, AgroAndino was established with farming and drying operations in Cajamarca. Today it is a pioneer in goldenberry farming in Peru.

AgroAndino is a social enterprise, working with smallholder farmers to produce 100% naturally dried fruit, including goldenberries, bananas and mangos. It is now the market leader in growing, processing and marketing goldenberries – the wild native fruit of Peru.

When the company started to produce goldenberries in their own fields, sales increased by 89%. Due to the increasing high demand, they approached Shared Interest for help in expanding their processing plant in 2016. AgroAndino has since increased its processing capacity from 100 to 180 metric tonnes (MT) per year for all its products and it now supplies to traders and large retail customers in Europe, North America and Asia.

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Maria Machena has been harvesting since 2009. She said:

“I feel very satisfied with the company, for having a stable purchase price. With the clear commitment of AgroAndino, it allows me to plan my agricultural activity and satisfy my family needs. I feel that the production of goldenberries is much more profitable than traditional crops.”


AgroAndino’s business model combines the wish to act as a private company with the ability to be profitable. This combination enables sustainable growth, as well as allowing the business to contribute to the development of the San Pablo district.

AgroAndino offers various benefits to the community, including:

  • Providing technical assistance for farmers to improve agricultural practices.
  • Paying farmers more than the local average market price for their harvest.
  • Assistance with monitoring, payment of organic certification, training, and logistics and transportation services.
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