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Our charity, Shared Interest Foundation, is supported by donations from 2,089 donors (1,548: 2022), and grants from Trusts and Foundations. The majority of these donors (1,833) are members of the Society. Unrestricted income totalled £393,071 (£217,034: 2022) and restricted income totalled £142,921 for 2023 (£93,496:2022). You can read the full Foundation Accounts here.


The high level of unrestricted income was largely due to an increase in large donations from members who have left a legacy or closed their Share Accounts and donated their investment. This money is used to implement projects aimed at the development of sustainable enterprises, empowering women and youth, and building climate resilience in remote communities within Africa and Latin America.

In 2021, we reported that our Member Survey showed that 57% of respondents said they were aware of the Foundation and 68% said they would consider donating in the future. Members were also asked if they had signed a Legacy form in favour of Shared Interest Foundation; 92% said they had not. In October, we ran a Legacy campaign within QR, receiving a positive response. We repeat this exercise biennially.

During Fairtrade Fortnight, Shared Interest Foundation held an online event focusing on the future of food. The event involved Foundation Manager Kodzo Korkortsi and Foundation Development Officer Harriet Urwin giving an account of the Foundation soilless farming project in Burkina Faso, alongside project partner PNCE-B and Dr Salifou Ouédraogo at Nazi Boni University.

We will continue to inform members of the options available in addition to holding a Share Account, such as making a donation to our charity. Last year, we integrated the donor database with our investor database, which has helped streamline communications. Using clear messaging at supporter events, in newsletters, via the online Member Portal, and through additional information about their interest donation, we hope to upscale those who already donate, encourage more members to donate on closure, and attract legacy income.

Pictured: A soilless farming project participant applies organic pesticide to treat her farm.

You can read the full Social Accounts document here.

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