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UGF/CDN, shea butter, Burkina Faso (producer)

This women-led association has a vision to build female solidarity and fight injustice through the production and processing of agricultural and forest products.

One of UGF’s main trade customers is the well-known global beauty product retailer, L’OCCITANE. To increase their supply of shea nuts, UGF approached Shared Interest to finance a truck and make improvements to their processing equipment.

UGF/CDN member

Kansole Eli (51), said: 

"I used to depend on the help of my relatives to feed my children, but with the increase of my income, I have been able to feed my children without any external help"

Shea strength in women’s union

The success of the group has had a significant impact on their surrounding villages.

One key initiative is helping women access education by creating a literacy program in the village where they work. Today, there are more than 9,950 participants, spread over 66 villages, who take part in lessons in the local languages of Lyélé and French.

UGF/CDN Co-ordinator, Bationon Bahiomé, said:

“Members of the union are happy with the outcomes of this loan. Some of the women who had bicycles have managed to buy motorbikes.

“Other women have built new homes for themselves, started schooling their children, and paying their medical bills.

“We want to say a big thank you to Shared Interest because today the loan has over 3,000 direct beneficiaries.”

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