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At 3,200 metres above sea level, the Andean highlands are one of the most challenging terrains to farm. Income from small-scale farming is little and unpredictable, but the women there have found an opportunity in wild moss.

Sphagnum moss is vital for the development of orchids, which is a growing industry here in the UK, as well as the USA, France, Taiwan, Japan, China, Thailand, Hawaii, and Singapore. 

Founded in 2010, Inka Moss helps farmers in the highlands of Peru to benefit from this growing market. Sphagnum moss is a valuable commodity, as it acts as a natural anti-bactericide, humidity collector and absorbs heavy metals; characteristics that make it ideal for various crops, which require high amounts of moisture, especially orchids.

“We approached Shared Interest for finance so that we can pay the farmers for their moss on delivery to our factory. To meet with demand, we also need to acquire larger stock levels and provide buyers with larger size bags depending on their specifications. The loan has also given us the opportunity to include more remote communities within our supply chain.”


Cocoa is a complex crop, which requires nurturing and favourable weather conditions to thrive. Almost 20% of Shared Interest lending goes to cocoa co-operatives across the globe, many of whom are based in West Africa.

ECAMOM, Ivory Coast 

ECAMOM works with over 2,000 cocoa farmers in Méagui to produce dried cocoa beans, which they sell in bulk. In 2016, they doubled their production volume, thanks to a good harvest and financial help from Shared Interest.

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