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Raising Funds to Support Communities during and beyond Covid-19

Shared Interest Foundation is relaunching its Livelihood Security Fund for developing world producers in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Our charity is now appealing for donations to help farmers and workers in African and Latin American communities.

Shared Interest Managing Director, Patricia Alexander said: “The Livelihood Security Fund has been used in the past to support businesses in rural communities affected by issues out of their own control, such as natural disasters. As the impact of Covid-19 continues to develop across the world, we want to relaunch this fund to help producers in Africa and Latin America to meet their basic needs and support their income levels during and beyond the crisis.

“In addition to restrictions on movement and trade, developing world communities are dealing with floods, droughts and delayed harvests, which are threatening livelihoods and increasing household food insecurity.  We need to help producers to find ways to increase the resilience of their businesses, but first we must support them in overcoming the hardship they face.”

We have identified several types of support, which could be provided by the fund.  These range from the provision of hand sanitiser and other protective items, to the supply of seeds, farming tools, and equipment.

Patricia continued: “Shared Interest Society has 30 years of experience in responding to the financial needs of developing world communities, and we were recognised for our contribution to sustainable development with a Queen’s Award earlier this year.

“Our charity has been supporting farmers and workers in Africa and Latin America for over 15 years, and both organisations remain in close contact with producers.  Many are not only facing risks to their health and livelihood because of the virus, but are also dealing with the effects of climate change and natural disasters. 

“No part of the world has been left unscathed by this pandemic, but we know that there will be a disproportionate impact on developing world communities with little or no income or healthcare. We hope that, through the Livelihood Security Fund, we can help producers survive the additional economic and social hardship caused by Covid-19.”

Read more about the campaign here.

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