Strengthening Coffee Producers' Resilience to Climate Change

Working with Tropic Coffee, a Rwandan coffee co-operative, this two-year project, launched in February 2022, is supporting 625 coffee farmers (18% women) to enhance their coffee production while placing a strong emphasis on building resilience to climate change.

Pictured: Members of Tropic Coffee gather for a meeting on their farm in Rwanda.


The farmers underwent training in Good Agricultural Practices, Climate Smart Agriculture and organic compost production. Following the training, all farmers have transitioned to producing compost collectively in groups, which has not only reduced their production costs but also improved the quality of their coffee.

As part of this project, a total of 86,050 coffee seedlings and 10,919 shade trees were distributed among the participating farmers. Additionally, farmers received training in agri-business and financial management skills. Following this, Tropic Coffee opened a Savings and Credit Co-operative Organisation (SACCO). Currently 70% of farmers are saving within the SACCO and Tropic Coffee has set an ambitious goal of reaching 100% participation by the end of the project.

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