Building Sustainable Livelihoods

Nicaragua is one of Latin America’s least developed countries, where access to basic services is a daily challenge and there are high unemployment rates, particularly in remote regions.

In the communities surrounding the Coproexnic co-operative, many women rely on an average income of just over £50 per month from the sale of chickens and eggs.  They subsequently struggle to meet the basic needs of their household.

Working in partnership with local co-operative, Coproexnic, we will support 40 women from surrounding communities to become organic sesame farmers.  Despite having access to farmland, many women do not have the necessary finance or farming experience to purchase seeds or prepare the land for planting.  

As the largest exporter of organic sesame seeds in Nicaragua, Coproexnic will provide training and support in preparing and planting an organic sesame farm.  This will cover Good Agricultural Practice (GAP), organic fertiliser production, and agribusiness skills.

The group will also receive equipment and materials to enable them to make sesame candy to sell locally.  This is a simple snack made from toasted sesame seeds and caramelised sugar. 

I am a businesswoman with my sesame. Before the women here couldn't even grab a machete, and now I am able to. I feel proud and satisfied because us women were remembered.”

This project is funded through a grant from a Trust (wishing to remain anonymous) and match-funded by Shared Interest Foundation donations. 

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