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Improving Farming Methods

One of the most harmful pests to coffee plantations, the coffee borer beetle can attack an entire yield of berries if no control is applied. Due to the impact of climate change, the tiny insect is thriving in warmer temperatures, which poses increasing challenges for Peruvian farmers.

Coffee co-operative CECAFE has developed an eco-friendly way of controlling the borer beetle at their Centre for Innovation in the Amazonas region of the Andes.  The surrounding area provides a dense and humid rainforest ecosystem located at high altitude, ideal for the combative fungus known as Beauveria Bassiana.  The co-operative will distribute it to farmers, to help protect the ecosystem and increase coffee yields. 

The project will also support CECAFE to implement the production of organic fertiliser to improve coffee yield further, including the construction of compost beds and supply of composting materials.

This project is funded by Shared Interest Foundation donations.

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